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Alexander (Chocolate Snowtip Toscana Shearling coat  <br>
Incredibly Soft - Incredibly Light - Incredibly WARM!
If only the very best will do!  <br>
Men's luxurious Chocolate Snowtip long-haired shade Toscana Shearling 3/4 length coat. Slightly fitted body with drop shoulders and straight easy cut sleeves and turn back cuffs. Rever collar can be worn open as pictured or fastened high in the neck.
Alexander shearling coat
Antique Dark Brown shade leather finish with tan wool men's sheepskin flying jackets. <br>
Authentic original WW2 vintage RAF sheepskin flight jacket design with reversed sheepskin front edge and hem to match the collar and cuffs.<br>
Easy fit straight cut body and sleeves with turn back cuffs. Comfortably placed slanted pockets.
There are leather side straps with antique metal buckles to adjust the fitting at each side of the jacket and another two leather straps under the collar that also fasten the same way, perfect for when the weather is extra cold.
British Fighter Flying Jacket
Avenger (A2 Black Leather/Sheepskin Bomber jacket)  <br>

Men's medium weight, soft quality classic A2 style Black Leather Bomber jacket with detachable genuine Black Sheepskin collar.
Easy fit body and sleeves with original elasticated rib knit wrist and hip band. The two full size patch pockets with leather flaps have an opening at the back of the pocket for ease of use and a separate opening under the flaps with a concealed metal stud fastening for extra security, giving a total of four outer pockets.
Avenger bomber jacket
Brandzee (mens Teal shade Biker Leather jackets)  <br>

Men's Teal shade Leather Biker jackets, made from extra soft light weight Lamb Nappa skins.
Fastens diagonally with a strong metal zip and metal buckled leather belt and has zips on the sleeves above the wrists. Leather epaulettes on shoulders with metal studs and matching metal studs on the rever collar.  <br>
Three outer pockets with zips, one false ticket pocket with stud, two full wallet size inner pockets (one with a zip).
Brandzee biker jacket
<b>Spitfire (Top Quality RAF Sheepskin Flying jacket) </b><br>

As with our "Mosquito" style jackets, this men's superb RAF style Sheepskin Flying jacket is British made from the very finest, selected skins. <br>
The heavy quality dark brown leather finished pelts have an exceptionally deep pile toning mid tan coloured wool and all seams are bound with toning leather to ensure many, many years of wonderful warmth and hard wear.
Spitfire flying jacket
Gavin (Toscana trimmed men's Merino Shearling coat)  <br>

Special quality, extra soft, ultra lightweight 3/4 length men's Dark Brown Designer style Merino Shearling coat, made from Nappa Merino Lambskin, with collar and front edges of longhaired Toscana lambskin. Both waist and shoulder seams have been reversed to let the soft Merino Lambskin inner wool show through.  <br>
The Nappa (leather) finish to the skins makes these superb coats very practical as most surface marks can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth.
Gavin shearling coat
Mariannette (one off Designer style softest Suede cape)  <br>

Incredibly soft, lightweight, One Off Grey Suede women's swingback cape jacket trimmed all around the hood and outer edges with luxurious finest quality Chinchilla shade Rex Rabbit, so soft it feels almost like velvet, designed and made in our own workroom.
The suede is printed with slightly lighter grey patterns.  <br>
If you want an exclusive, one off, truly unique item, this gorgeous Suede cape is the perfect choice!
Grey Poly/Satin lining.
Mariannette suede cape
Charlotte (Designer style Cognac Leather Trench Coat <br>
When only the very best will do!<br>
Outstanding quality! Designer style long Cognac Tan shade Leather Trench coat, individually made in our own workrooms from hand-picked incredibly soft Italian nappa skins.
Full swingback, extra deep yoke at the back, unique wrap over yoke at front, full collar that can be fastened high in neck as pictured, or worn open and turned back from the face, extra deep Dolman sleeves with epaulettes on shoulders and straps around wrists.
Charlotte leather trench coat
Alana (ladies Hooded Toscana shearling coat)  <br>
Casually luxurious!

Exquisite Dark Brown Toscana Shearling coat with luxurious full hood that can be worn thrown back giving the impression of a full collar or worn up to frame the face as pictured for wonderful extra warmth (please see further pictures below). Tailored sleeves with turnback cuffs.
All the outer edges have been left in their natural shapes to give a more modern look and a softer lightweight feel to the coat.
Alana hooded coat
Caroline (ladies Merino Shearling long coat)  <br>

Gorgeous extra long Havana shade (this colour all sold but now available in Cappuccino shade which is slightly less Tan in colour, as pictured below) women's Shearling coat, made from incredibly soft, light weight Merino Lamb skins.
The extra deep cape collar can be worn turned back as pictured or folded under to give a smaller appearance. It can also be fastened high in the neck for the coldest weather.
Caroline shearling coat
<b>Amelia (Nappa Merino Shearling flying jacket)</b><br>

Special quality extra soft lightweight Chocolate Snowtip shade Nappa (Leather) Merino Shearling women's flying jacket.
The Nappa (Leather) finish is so practical as most surface marks can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth.
Slimline fitted body, straight cut sleeves and rever collar that can be zipped up high in the neck. Comfortably placed zipped pockets trimmed with matching leather.
Amelia shearling jacket
Benitas (ladies hooded swingback Shearling coat)  <br>

Ultra light weight, incredibly soft yet wonderfully warm Charcoal Snowtip shade women's Nappa Merino Lambskin swingback Shearling coat. The Nappa (leather) finish to the coat ensures durability as most surface marks can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth.
The elegant swingback design is so comfortable as it fits easily over winter clothing.
Benitas shearling coat
Klondike (men's Luxury Shearling trapper hat)  <br>

Thinking of popping over to the Klondike to try a little hand panning for gold? We don't like to tell you, but you may have missed the rush! But if you're really determined to try a little pan handling for yourself, you're going to need a warm hat, because it can get a little parky out in them thar hills! And don't forget to take an overcoat (we can fix you up with a really warm one to match your hat!).
Klondike trapper hat
Debbietta (Toscana Trimmed women's Shearling coat) <br>

Casually luxurious Charcoal Snowtip shade 3/4 length hooded Shearling Duffle coat, made from softest light weight Merino Lambskin.
Loose easy cut body with cleverly designed semi raglan sleeves that give a small appearance to the shoulders whilst having deep armholes to allow for thicker winter clothing.
The elegant full hood, collar and cuffs are lavishly trimmed with toning longhaired Charcoal Snowtip shade Toscana Lambskin to give a soft, warm and flattering finish to the coat.
Mosquito (Top quality Sheepskin RAF flying jacket)  <br>

If only the very best will do!
This outstanding RAF Aviator style men's sheepskin flying jacket is made from the very finest, selected skins.
The heavy quality dark brown leather finished pelts have an exceptionally deep pile toning mid tan coloured wool and all seams are bound with toning leather to ensure many, many years of wonderful warmth and hard wear.
Mosquito flying jacket
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