Established 1888     a family business for over 130 years
A family business since 1888
     Our Promise
As a small family business, established over 130 years ago, we pride ourselves on our after sales service! We have many customers who return to us, not just after a few years, but actually from generation to generation!
The reason we are able to offer our "Extended Guarantee" is because, unlike many of our competitors, we actually design and make many of our designs in our own workrooms! So if you buy your leather jacket or shearling coat from us, you never have to worry about those little (or big) things that may happen to your treasured possession!
As an extreme example, we once had a gentleman whose sheepskin coat had been cut into two by his wife! We actually managed to match the skins and put it back together again! We did have to charge for this service, but, as he remarked, it was a surprisingly low charge, considering the damage! We are very pleased to say that this couple are still happily married, although we assume he is quite careful how he behaves himself!
We guarantee to re-sew or replace buttons, FREE OF CHARGE up to FIVE YEARS from date of purchase, or at a special reduced price thereafter, on any item purchased from us.

We will re-sew seams FREE OF CHARGE, for the first FIVE YEARS from date of purchase, or at a special reduced price thereafter, on any garment purchased from us.

Sleeve Shortening
We will shorten the sleeves FREE OF CHARGE, on any garment (priced over £50) purchased from us, for up to ONE YEAR from date of purchase. (For garments priced under £50 we charge a nominal £5) .

If a zip is faulty, it will usually give trouble during the first few weeks of wear. We give a full years guarantee with our zips, or we will replace them, at a special reduced price, thereafter .

We will repair tears, at a special reduced price, on any garment purchased from us, if returned with the original receipt.

PLEASE RETAIN YOUR ORIGINAL RECEIPT as proof of purchase, as we do not give this service on garments purchased elsewhere!

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